Mark Laycock wood working, kitchen design, wood craft

If you want something making with wood then you're in the right place

This website contains a selection of items I have created, from turned bowls, bespoke furniture, kitchen cabinets to steel and Oak staircases.

If you can think of it I'll give it a go!

I work with wood because I love the beauty of wood as a material, the shapes, colours and textures both in it's natural form and when it's been worked.

I employ both modern and traditional woodworking and cabinetmaking techniques and create pieces of furniture, both made-to-measure and speculative, mirrors, kists and gifts out of the high quality sustainable English hardwoods.

I like the challenge that every new piece of wood brings, knowing that every little bit will be used: for a sideboard, a decorative bowl and when there is no other use, it will go to warm my house or smoke the local fish.


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